Privacy Policy


Our team is honored that you selected our services and put your trust in ourselves. It is your right to feel confused about privacy matters as it has great complications and we truly understand it. For making it clear about the privacy policy, we have compiled all the related details on which any customer can be anxious about while placing orders with us. It has amazing facts to read the policies we are determined to follow because you would be amazed at how our company is sincere about the client’s secrecy and confidential data.



Being a part of this field, we know how difficult it is to give personal details to anyone whom you haven’t tried before. We know the sensitivity of this issue and increased misshapes reported daily. Thus, it is essential to keep in mind the significance of data collected by our team but that is just because of the work purpose. Any of the details would never be shared with anyone who is not related to the working criteria. Our company is very much honest when it comes to the privacy of any customer and this is necessary to fulfill the basic needs.


Things we kept confidential regarding our customers:

-The identity they used for the ordering reasons.


-Their account information was disclosed for the payment method.


– Email addresses that are shared at the time of filling the form.


– Institute or workplace details if required in the process.


– Any personal number would never be given to a third party who is not connected with us.


Even upon investigation, we don’t provide any of our customer’s information because we are familiar with the scams going on around. Our team will never want to put our valuable clients in any kind of troublesome situation to be faced because of us. So don’t panic, trust our words, and feel free to communicate about the requirements that you are looking for. All the doubts are just the fear that is caused by trying unworthy companies who never think of their client’s information and their secrecy. We sincerely hope that our policies would work to reassure you about the services offered for helping you and maintaining all our customers with a positive approach that stands out from others as well.
Contact Info

Address: 153 Cutenhoe Road, Luton, England, LU1 3NQ
Phone: +441158882797

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