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All the academic life there is a need to increase vocabulary and knowledge about the new improvised services available to facilitate the writers. It is highly commendable that few of the platforms are focusing on giving awareness to the newbies for getting into this field with full confidence.


Also students in their whole college then university life have to go through different writing assignments and projects for scoring well in particular subjects. So the useful tools are changing their lives by helping. Let’s hope that information shared below here will guide you about the new amazing functioning of tools.


1- Grammarly:


A nightmare for any student to submit the final task with punctuation and some awful mistakes which will impact the overall work and the mentor will question the efforts done enthusiastically. For overcoming issues like this, it is good to learn about this online proofreading tool.


  • It will check all the spelling errors
  • Also, suggest new and precise words.
  • The basic writing check is free.
  • Plagiarism can be detected too
  • A premium version will be charged.


2- Bubbl.Us:


This application allows everyone to share the ideas coming and gives it an enhanced look for finalizing what to add and what to ignore. It will assist in becoming a pro writer and before jumping into the document, a student will have complete information regarding the necessary and voidable words which will structure the sentence in the best possible form. Although the subscription is not free but worth the mount.


3- Google Docs:


In the old times where only Microsoft Word was the tool for editing and writing which was equally good but there were some drawbacks like not saving the document automatically resulting in losing the important data. Now is making students’ life convenient by using this tool, take a look at how it is a time-saving application.


  • The use is free everywhere.
  • Files can be shared with anyone professionally.
  • All the essential work details will be saved.
  • Allows multiple people to work on a similar document.


4- ProWritingAid:


Another online tool which is proving the users that nothing is difficult to manage in the writing field by offering the all in one package under a roof which includes the editor, grammar checker by serving the purpose of correcting words and suggesting not to use the repetitive vocabulary again because it will give the bad writing influence to the readers. It cost approximately $70 per year.


5- One look:


One of the best tools is the right choice for students who are not used to looking at a physical dictionary now and then which is, of course, a tough thing especially when focusing on the work. An excellent way to take advantage of this tool which simply comes up with the best word from the dictionary and the problem of using the thesaurus every time will be resolved. Above all, it is free for the users to include uncommon sentences to make the document stand out from others.


6- Word Counter:


Many times the other application doest work fine, students get confused about how to get the exact word limit of their written task. The option is present in many online tools but sometimes become hectic to use them along with all the other features which turn the document more complex. It is more of a separate tool for checking the characters, words, and paragraph count and that too without charging anything.


Knowledge is Power:


To know about the features completely, the first thing is to practice, watch videos, and read all the articles written on them very carefully because each of them has a variety to offer which will ease the writing complications. Work hard and observe the improvements.

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